Production Service
Production Service
Decades and decades of experience in every market make us an ideal partner for productions of any size and need. We have worked in nearly all parts of the world Our services include:
- Budget management
- Casting organization
- Location scouting
- On-location production management and permits
- Art buying
- Photo/video editing consultation
- Logistics coordination
- Travel coordination
- Equipment rental
- Catering
- Child permit management
- Problem solving

We are a company specialized in e-commerce production, providing a wide range of services tailored to clients in the fashion, beauty, food, and home sectors. Through the integration of technology with production, we can create customized workflows that offer flexible solutions to our clients, regardless of their budget. Our e-commerce service includes comprehensive production, casting, art direction, an expert on-set team, quality control, and retouching for both still and moving images, with delivery even within 48 hours for the most urgent situations.


Casting & Street-Cast
Casting & Street-Cast
Are you looking for experts with extensive experience in street casting and talent casting? We're here to assist you! Our team of professionals with years of experience specializes in researching and selecting models, actors, children, talents, and street characters for various projects, including fashion shows, editorials, advertising, and films. We collaborate with both Italian and international celebrities, ensuring you choose the perfect Testimonial for your communication. No matter what your project is, we are ready to find the ideal performer to make your work a success. Choose the quality and experience of our professionals to make a difference in your communication.

Personal Shopper Fashion Style
Transforming your appearance has never been easier! With a personal shopper at your service, you can become the best version of yourself in no time. Our fantastic stylists will provide you with the best advice to create an enhanced wardrobe for every occasion. Want to capture attention with impeccable style? Your personal shopper is here to reveal all the secrets to keeping your image at its best. Don't miss this unique opportunity to revamp your fashion and lifestyle!
Personal Shopper Fashion Style